Our First Treatment

The pathology had come back to reveal that Lexi had neuroblastoma- cancer of the nerves. This type of cancer is generally diagnosed in children 5 years old or younger. The doctors said that Lexi being diagnosed with it just a month after her fifteenth birthday was like lightning striking in the same place twice. We learned that the older a person is at diagnosis, the more aggressive the cancer is. Lexi was the oldest patient our team of doctors had ever treated with neuroblastoma by four years. The odds of survival were not in her favor and treatment was started immediately.

I watched helplessly as the chemo dripped into my daughter’s veins. My emotions were a cacophony of chaos as the screaming in my head was outdone only by the shattering of my heart. The doctors had given us the report of the size and location of the tumor. I was in awe, once again, of the strength of my girl. The tumor was largely displacing her pancreas, surrounding numerous blood vessels and arteries, and displacing her left kidney, to name the basics. More than her physical strength I was astounded by her faith. She had her moments of pain and moments of sadness but they were based on temporal things. She had no fear of whether or not she would be cured, none. It was not even like faith, it was knowledge. She knew that if God said it through a priesthood blessing that it would come to pass. It was incomprehensible that a 15 year old girl had this type of understanding and yet she did. It was beyond words and I was humbled to behold such a thing.

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