The Night Our Lives Changed Forever

There are some moments in our lives that are so incomprehensible that our minds cannot fully grasp the situation until after it has passed. September 11, 2015 was that day for our family. We took our 15-year-old daughter, Alexis, to the emergency room thinking that her appendix had ruptured. After 13 hours and multiple tests and imaging, her elusive appendix was nowhere to be found. However, it was confirmed that she had an abnormal mass in her abdomen. I was told that the mass looked to be malignant, that word still leaves an acidic taste in my mouth, and that a biopsy would need to be done. We were transferred to the ICS Unit (Immuno Compromised Services Unit – or Cancer Unit) and in my ignorance I couldn’t understand why they would transfer us there. Surely this was some type of misunderstanding. We were not a “cancer family”. We were an active family with no history of major illnesses. This had to be a horrific nightmare that I was sure to wake up from. But alas, there would be no waking up from this dream. We would have to learn not only how to live in this unfamiliar world, but how to find love and laughter there as well.

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